Community Guidelines

SimplyWishes, Inc. (“SimplyWisheswe” or “us” or “our”) provides people the opportunity to both share their wishes and to fulfill the wishes of others.  We want people to feel safe when using the SimplyWishes website located at (the “Site”) and for this reason, we have developed these guidelines (the “Community Guidelines”) for use of the Site. 

Respect the SimplyWishes Community.  Dreamers use the Site to share their wishes.  Some of these wishes may seem strange or silly to you, but are extremely important to the person sharing the wish.  You may read wishes which are counter to your beliefs or value system.  Please be respectful of our dreamers who have the courage to share their wishes with the world.

Harassment; Hateful Content; Threats; Bullying.  We are committed to providing an online environment in which people feel free to share their dreams and wishes free from harassment, bullying, threats, or hateful content.  Please don’t attack another user, or their wishes, personally.  We will remove any wish or other content that appears to be purposefully targeted at shaming or degrading another user, person, or a group.  This includes content that promotes or condones violence against individuals or groups based on race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, nationality, veteran status, heritage, gender, or sexual orientation or whose primary purpose is inciting hatred on the basis of these characteristics.  You may not use our Site to stalk, threaten, intimidate, or invade the privacy of others.      

Self-Injury.  Content that promotes harm to yourself (including self-mutilation or eating disorders) or suicide will be removed from the Site.  You may share information about self-injury and suicide so long as such information does not promote such activity.  While others may disagree, body modification is not self-injury so go ahead and wish for that tattoo or piercing. 

Profanity or Vulgar Language.  Profanity, foul, or vulgar language is not acceptable.  Using asterisks to blank out several letters in a profane or vulgar word is a violation of this policy if the profane or vulgar word is discernible. 

Illegal Activities.  You may not use the Site to facilitate, organize, or conduct illegal activities.

Nudity; Sexual Content.  While some people are comfortable with nudity or sexually explicit content, others are not.  We restrict the display of nudity or sexually explicit content within the Site and will remove images of genitals, buttocks, or breasts which include the nipple.  Explicit images of sexual intercourse are prohibited.  Descriptions of genitals or sexual acts will be removed from the Site.  You may wish for another person with whom to share your life, but you may not wish for or solicit sexual acts from others (remember, no illegal activity). 

Violent or Graphic Content.  Please keep in mind that some people are more sensitive to violent or graphic content than others.  We will remove a gory, graphic or violent image that is primarily intended to be shocking, sensational, or disrespectful or which seems to be posted for sadistic pleasure or to glorify violence.

Spam; Deception.  Everyone hates spam and it doesn’t belong on the Site.  Don’t create misleading descriptions or other deceptive means to increase views, revenue, or traffic.

Spelling and Grammar Errors.  Remember that everyone makes mistakes and that some users of the Site are not native English speakers.  Some people with learning disabilities have difficulty detecting their spelling mistakes.  I think we’ve all experienced an “auto-correct” error at some time or other.  Commenting on the spelling or grammatical errors of others is not a productive use of anyone’s time or energy and doesn’t get wishes fulfilled.

Monetary Profit.  Wish for items or things you really desire, for which you have a use, or which would fulfill a dream of yours.  Please don’t wish for items that you intend to sell on eBay (or other reselling platforms) for a profit. 

Specific Rules for Sharing and Fulfilling WishesKeep in mind the Community Guidelines above when sharing or fulfilling wishes.  In addition, please do not share or fulfill wishes for the following items:

1. Guns, firearms, or weapons of any kind.

2. Toy or fake guns or weapons, including, but not limited to, water guns, cap guns, provided to minors.

3. Cigarettes and cigarette lighters.

4. Drugs (over the counter, prescription, and illegal), medical supplies or paraphernalia, and veterinary supplies.  Remember you may not use the Site to conduct illegal activities.

5. Sexually explicit photos or materials (remember no nudity or sexual content).

6. Exotic animals or plants.

7. Alcohol.

8. Human remains or body parts.

9. Digital products such as items which are not tangible or must be downloaded.

10. Illegal services.

If you see something on the Site that you believe violates our guidelines, you should flag it for our review by sending an e-mail to [email protected].  Please keep in mind that flagging a piece of content for a second look does not guarantee that it will be removed from the Site. Because of the diversity of our community, it’s possible that something could be disagreeable or disturbing to you without meeting the criteria for being removed from the Site.

We ask all members of the SimplyWishes community to understand that we apply the same standard of review for all content.  Ultimately, the decision to remove content is within our sole discretion and we do not negotiate about our final decision as to whether or not a piece of content warrants removal.